• Kyle

    how come every single on of these mods that i want are not compatible with MC-Patcher… i want more mods to be compatible with it, i have Singleplayer Commands, those work fine but… nothing else! that world edit and Rei’s Minimap, thats it! and why do all of the mods have to have Modloader? i cant get modloader installed correctly or any other mod just because i dont have Winrar or 7Zip, and i cant get them because idk they just wont install…. if you have one of these mods that is also compatible with MC-patcher pelase tell me… im tired of not having anything else to make the game fun! and waiting on jeb for 1.3 is boring… please help!

    • Lol

      Y dun u search youtube for tutorials on downloading 7-zip? 7-zip is free after all. -.-

    • SevenSeas

      Since MCPatcher is more for texture packss, I suggest Forge Universal. I have it and it work fine with most mods . I tend to avoid Modloader mods, since i have the same problem as you. Just searh mod showcases on youtube. Most are pretty cool! If you dont know how to install forge, you download the zip, and drag all the files except for the read me into the .minecraft zip. Works perfeftly fine, and cool mods downloaded simply easy with Forge! Hope his jelped! I am in a phone so lots of typos.

      • sdf

        i suggest using miltiMC. it installs mods for u and tehn when an error occurs it tells u how to fix it

    • H4CK3R

      Forge works for it
      And if you don’t know how to set it up just look online for team extream mine craft 1.4.7 and it will have a download link for the .minecraft folder. In that folder you place all your mods in the mods folder

    • Gausgovy

      get optifine instead. its the same as mcpather… but better and works with all of these.

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  • Mark Toothman

    When is Sony going to let us download some of these to our Minecraft PS3 Edition. I could use some guns or tanks to use against creepers or maybe a visit to Aether the heaven to the Neathers hell.

  • mod crazy guy

    yo guys