• Archers1234

    Could you please make a tutorial or tour of this house it is amazing

  • Matt

    ive just built it.. thanks for idea :)

  • Happydaz

    cool houses :3

  • Happydaz

    please can you make a vid of this os a tutorial thx alot!

  • lol

    i could build it but it would take hours or maybe years clay IS rare  i barely have 3 bricks

    • James Tate

      ur a fucking idiot clay is at the bottom of water beds its so easy to find

      • James Tate

        On reflection I am the f-ing idiot for being unhelpful.
        I apologies and go now to thnk about what a troll I am.

    • minecraft die-hard (jx)

      you find clay under-water whrere it is’nt deep

  • Jari Alien

    dude its a creative server

  • Jari Alien

    ive made this thing yesterday

  • Jari Alien

    dudes its easy to make ive made this in 14 minutes

  • Aidan Dinham

    is there blueprints for the brick one?

  • Ikbeneen

    i want to see the whole brick building in a video. can someone give me a link if there is this kind of video?

    • razerblade

      im with you

  • Insanefrost

    If you want to make epic houses then you need a nice mod like TooManyItems, or Inside Job, at least.

  • jayjay

    it’s gawwwjus 8D
    i love it

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  • Raw82002

    the houses are cool,but show more

  • Lvghahreman

    thats my house

  • Adinham


  • Andrewnedvidek

    this sucks balls

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  • youtube name shimmyjim011

    im making this legit man!

  • April Alexander

    PLEASE make a tutorial!!! And list all the materials you need please. Those are most effective because I like to gather all the materials first. xD

  • trevon

    thats a
    cool house is it on p.c or xbox

    • http://www.facebook.com/logan.w.peugh Logan Peugh

      People are commenting 2 years ago, defiantly P.C.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.lloyd.507 Dan Lloyd

    put a download link for it

  • jack

    I can ur moms ass

  • let you down

    this cool,but i’ve seen WAY BETTER! :(

  • Mariusz Symkow

    Guys, ‘tutorial’ and fly about here : http://youtu.be/q-ryJ6FKj8o
    Should be uploaded within 10 minutes of this post.

  • r3jrrjjrrj

    hkgf= hi

  • Ana

    Hola de nuevo México

  • Beyondo

    Videos of Mindcraft house

  • James Iyer

    this house would look better in soartex fanver texture pack…