• minecraftgirl890

    i like the enficraft texture pack alot, but no 1.5 update of it

  • NobleSpartan27

    Coterie Craft plz

    • MinecraftGallery

      Thanks for the suggestion, I have added it to the list!

  • lshmsfaidmt

    i like xaiwaker i hope its 1.5 soon

  • lshmsfaidmt

    and burntcustards

  • Tommy A

    LB Photo Realism x32 – x256

    • Carlos Jackson

      ya i agree XP

    • MinecraftGallery

      Can not find a 1.5 version. Are you sure it’s up to date?

  • Soffi


    • MinecraftGallery

      That texture does not support 1.5 yet. :(

  • Elias

    Add Ovo’s Rustic

  • Ped

    add majora’s craft 1.5

  • Harry W

    These textures weren’t up to date 4 me

  • adriano


  • hjskvkkd

    no nonononononoonononono