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  • DaGirlMiner

    I Want Betta Katniss Skin

  • DaGirlMiner

    Its Annoying How Stupid Some Look

    • Derpy’sBiggestFan125

      yeah, in the book Katniss has gray eyes, not blue or green. if you actually READ the books, Katniss isn’t the one for makeup. THAT MEANS NO LIPSTICK, GIRLS.

  • Ember

    foxface’s hair is ginger…

  • Valerie Pedroza


  • SkythekidRS

    They All suck besides glimmer and glove and foxface and katniss with a dress

    • Derpy’sBiggestFan125

      no, they just all suck

  • Her0z

    Im sorry but the Effie Trinket skin is hideous! D:

  • Katniss la chica invalida.

    You’ve fucked up minecraft. Really, make betters skins, you whores.

    • Derpy’sBiggestFan125