• http://twitter.com/alex_dlc Alex_dlc

    what that tex pack? looks very nice!!!

  • Choochoobob123

    I don’t think this has a texture pack. He may have the better graphics mod.

  • enigma108

    this is not a texturepack or mod… this is made in some animation program , Blender Maya or Cinema4D

    • http://www.facebook.com/adam.michael.543 Adam Michael

      No, it’s Minecraft. He’s using a shader mod…

  • RickisHere2013

    Any pictures of the front?

  • Austinm21

    no this is a texture pack, because look at the glass, it doesn’t have the little speckles like the normal glass would on the normal texture pack.

  • ernest was here2013

    if there wold be download i wold download this right away as fast as possible

  • mc bob


  • Guest

    Its a texture pack, and probably a shader, but I would still love to download it

  • jayden

    look at the doors its obviously a texture pack you impudent idiots

  • Karla Bending Boehm

    what texture pack did you use?

  • Guest

    what texture pack did you use?