• Carlotta4th

    These were made on planet minecraft from “grandmaster pirate.” What’s with the lack of credit, here?

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what’s the problem.  Download link goes directly to his post and it clearly says “Created by Novv”.  We also included the link to the post in our usual “View Souce” link.  We did not claim credit nor supply our own download link. Hope this clears any confusion. :)

      • Carlotta4th

        Ah, in that case I apologize for jumping the gun (since I didn’t actually click on the download link). My fault for not investigating more thoroughly…

        Anyway, they’re lovely builds. I enjoy them immensely.

  • medievalshadow

    whats the texture??

  • kevin


  • Ricardo Ruiz Morales

    I can not download D:

  • Lummox

    Wow, nice!