• Assassians4hire

    Someone has too much time on their hands. :D

  • Crosseyed

    That thing is completely epic! How far under the water is it? And are you still working on it?


    Currently i've stopped work on this ship for the moment, as it is in my single player game, At the moment i am building a better version of it on the shaftlands multiplayer server and have fixed the rear of the ship to make it all look a bit nicer as well as have the interior space i require. when i have the time off from work and kids that is. :p

    As for your question about under the water i'll go from top to bottom, At the rear of the ship is the Aft-Castle, which has two decks and a poop-deck on top, the top being the officers quaters and captains cabin, below that there is the wardroom/mess.
    The forecastle is topped with a lookout and is one room height above the main deck, Below the main deck is the gun deck, which houses the majority of the ships guns, also on this deck is the surgery and galley, the floor of the gun deck is just above sea level.
    Below the gun deck is the Orlop deck, this is used for storage and sleeping, there is a pump room at the front of the orlop deck and the midshipmens berth is at the rear of the deck.

  • Jedy150

    Can i have a MC edit schismatic or the world so i can download it i want to copy it and put it in midair then build a zeplin out of it

  • Fyda

    Gorgeous work!

    A friend and I have been working on a much smaller wooden sailing ship, but yours definitely puts it to shame, hands-down. :)

  • http://www.wraithwerks.net/blog Black Isis

    This is really amazing. How did you do the underwater sections (and how deep are they)? I was thinking about building something similar, but nothing this ambitious! The underwater sections seem to be the most difficult part though — do you make a form with sand and then clean it out when you’ve finished?

    • Three Take Wonder

      its easy, build a dry dock, doesnt have to be fancy, just a dirt or sand one to keep the water out, build ship, delete dry dock, rejoice, eat cake

  • Connor

    Just an edited version of the HMS Athena on Minecraft schematics website

    • http://www.facebook.com/cactuarlol Will Angel

      Actually the HMS Athena was a copy of this ship, check the dates

  • Sixx

    texture pack map download/tutorial

  • http://www.facebook.com/cactuarlol Will Angel