• Ebigz007 (Minecraft Username)

    I think that people who even can achieve this… Are quite Amazing! Its harder than you think!

  • snowywolf22

    nice you should make it a multiplayer

  • Samuel Harvey

    Could you make it a map download? It’d be awesome to blow up. And maybe put giant faces on. ;)

  • GnralTdmer

    please Download

  • Dman2012

    Please give a map download I want the world to play with soooooo bad

  • szacik

    Make it a map please if not :(

  • christopher

    thats tight

  • Derp-y

    This is very similar to the map Newcraft city. Hmm…

  • joshua

    i what to play that world

  • blakeao (Minecraft name)

    minecraft is boring says the most boring person on earth