• Pekka

    These are awesome but Robin Hood might not be who you think he is :)

  • pig

    need to add Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Posion Ivy, and The Riddler.

  • Derrik

    Awesome it would be to see Hugo Strange skin!

  • BatmanPie

    Awsome skins dude. Need to add Riddler Penguin Mr freeze Night Stalker ( I think thats his name) Poisen Ivy Hugo Strange Maybe Cmmissioner Gordon? Amazing skiins tho! :)

  • BatmanPie

    Didnt see the commissioner gordon sorry! :P

  • Chuck noris


  • Malo

    I WISH Mr. Freeze and poisin ivy were added

  • dad

    Make a skin of Batman with cape

  • chucky

    the scarecrow

  • Hepry Derpy

    You forgot to add Hugo Strange, Scarecrow, and Oracle.

  • craig sullivan

    where is deathstroke?

    • Batman

      deathstroke is not a batman villain idiot

      • Herp a derp

        Yeah he is

        • Wolf

          not really in the newest batman game

  • Boomshakavox

    Harley quinn!