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  • DoneyKebab


  • Nick6457

    All of those are truley amazing. It looks so real and wonderful, I never seen anything like it. Its very original, and of true epic porportions. It really is amazing, and requries LOTS of skill to make any of these. The people who made these spectacular creations, is what I would consinder, the best builders of Minecraft history, no question about that. If there was to be a vote, then everybody would vote these the best as I consinder them.

    • Turtle

      i take it you like the pics…

  • http://twitter.com/AdmManiaCraft ManiaCraft

    how do this render??

  • Nick345322

    FYI, these models arent created in the 3D rendering program. They are converted direclty from minecraft world chunk data and then rendered. I do this alot and it takes only about 3 minutes to convert.

  • Jake Berglund

    Wat shader is dat?

  • samuel

    samuel jogo minecraft hosta

  • samuel


  • samuel


  • samuel

    asdasdvadv sd af damj dad adna da dlada danb dha

  • samuel

    minecraft 3d

  • Mark Toothman

    I wish you could get Hidden valley on PS3.